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Group Health Insurance offers added security and peace of mind in the event you get sick or hurt. Health Insurance covers prescription drugs, office visits, x-ray and lab work, surgery and emergency care. Most Group Health Insurance products are guaranteed issue. You can’t be declined due to past medical conditions.

Dental Insurance is an affordable way to maintain important oral health. Dental insurance provides coverage for regular visits and x-rays which can reduce the risk of permanent damage and help avoid more costly treatment later on. Studies have shown that proper dental care improves overall health, and increases the ability of children to excel in school.

wrob_business.jpgLife. Group life plans normally offer a fixed amount of benefit per employee or some percentage of annual income. Employers may allow their employees to purchase additional coverage to meet their own needs.

Disability. Group long-term disability insurance provides an income while an employee is unable to work and recovering from a serious injury or long-term illness. This income can be used to pay expenses not covered by health insurance, such as mortgage or utility bills.

Vision Care. Besides providing glasses or contact lenses, vision plans provide annual vision exams that can detect early warning signs of lupus, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Section-125 (Cafeteria) POP. Premium-Only-Plans allow any premium paid by an employee towards the cost of their health insurance plan to be made pre-tax. These plans also provide tax benefits to the employer.

Long-term-care provides daily income to individuals that need care due to disabilities arising from a serious accident/illness or old age. The covered care is not medical in nature but provides for the daily needs of the insured, such as bathing, ambulating, dressing etc. Group Long-term-care plans provide an affordable way to insure against these costs that are not reimbursed by normal insurance policies.  

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